Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) - Clint Crisher (Music Video)


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Twenty-five years ago, the iconic recording, "We Are the World" generated millions of dollars to help ease suffering in Africa. With a contemporary parallel being released today to support OC Pride 2010, Crisher Entertainment will be doing its part to show their pride and share the gift of song in hopes to help a more local and important cause.

"When asked to write a theme song for Orange County Pride, Clint felt honored and blessed to deliver a message of equality and history. Clint Crisher's Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) has already touched many with lyrics like "proud to be me" and "were making history" . With letters and calls from the community; Crisher Entertainment knew the message was needed and had to be involved to help however we could," said Jeffrey Ross (CE).

With an expected attendance of 2000-3000 people, this year's Orange County Pride is quite a dream come true for many. CE will help in "spreading the word" about this monumental event and it's historical anthem by activating CE's communications and business networks while stressing the importance that everyone joins forces with Orange County Pride to help amplify awareness for OC PRIDE 2010 .

Orange County Pride Online at www.prideoc.com

The charitable download for Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) is available wordwide and OC Pride, OCEC and Crisher Entertainment are asking the community to please encourage all to "buy" the charity single availble on iTunes, Amazon and many other online sites. "Orange County Equality Coalition", our partners, and all of the artists who participated in the recording of Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) are thrilled that people, purpose and music will help bring orage county community speakers and entertainers, along with a multitude of booths by nonprofit organizations, a BBQ and even a parade together to celebrate," said OC Pride. "Crisher Entertainment's involvement in this vitally necessary endeavor is a re-affirmation of my belief tha-Busting Through (The Orange Curtain)

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