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Uploaded on August 28, 2011 by Muzu

Roll out the red carpet….Belgian production trio, Lasgo are back with a bang! Lasgo became synonymous with big dance anthems in the early noughties, smashing into the top 10 twice. Now they make a welcome return to our airwaves and prove they still know how to make massive tunes. Now fronted by 18 year old blonde beauty Jelle van Dael, Lasgo are set to release ‘Lost’ on Newstate Music; a euphoric, bittersweet Euro dance anthem with pop sensibilities and a mesmerising vocal hook.

Lasgo was formed by producers, Peter Luts and David Vervoort in 2000, and quickly rose to dancefloor and chart prominence. They were named ‘Best Dance Act of 2002’ in the Smash Hits Awards, they reached #4 and #7 in the UK Charts respectively, with their tracks ‘Something’ and ‘Alone’. Lasgo’s single ‘Surrender’ also topped the US Billboard Dance Chart in 2005 and enjoyed widespread success. In 2008, Peter Luts began to work with fellow producer Jef Martens to bring Lasgo back to the dancefloors. They put out a search for a new lead vocalist via a TV contest, bring stunning chanteuse, Jelle van Dael into their outstretched arms.

Collectively, Lasgo’s albums ‘Some Things’ and ‘Far Away’ have sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. Now ready to take dancefloors by storm once again, the fearsome threesome are set to dominate the charts with their latest dance-pop sensation, ‘Lost’, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Smile’.

The original mix sees Jelle using her expressive, powerful vocals to bring to life, a young girl’s story of overcoming infidelity. Fantastically delivered, with impeccable, shimmering production and Jelle’s empowering voice soaring high over hook-laden, euphoric synths, ‘Lost’ shows Lasgo have lost none of their ability to create music that makes you move.

Jordy Lishious delivers a deeper remix, with a credible, prog-trance groove. The stripped back vocal adds an eerie quality, but only adds to the pull towards the dancefloor. Almighty add pumping house beats and an-Lost

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