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In recent years, climate change has been firmly placed at the top of the political agenda and we all know that we should be doing more when it comes to making the world a greener place.

But how many of us have made real changes to our homes to help improve its energy efficiency and nudge it towards that all important 'A' rating?

As the biggest investment you'll ever make, your family home will serve you and your loved ones for many years. An energy efficient house is not only friendlier to the environment, but can also save you money.

There are lots of things we can do to make our homes more energy efficient but a lot of us are put off as we perceive the initial costs to be too high.

But investing in your home's eco credentials will add value to it when you come to sell.

New research by Pilkington, the glass manufacturer, has shown that three-quarters of all homeowners in the UK now consider energy efficiency to be a key consideration when buying a new home.

From glazing to insulation and radiators to boilers, what can homeowners do to make their homes greener?

In the following video, architect and TV presenter George Clarke explains where and how you can make energy savings in your home. For more information the Green Dream with George Clarke

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