Drifting - Duvid (Music Video)


Uploaded on August 16, 2011 by Muzu

enough dreams of childhood's thoughtless tangled free life
dare mad prayers leaving ourselves song's breathless journeying
wander between whatever rain and tears come speaking memories
(the king's hair veiled, yet flowing on his throne)

eternity's sea-gulls imagined the world's harbor
young lovers handing sea shells to their child
long ago, a sunny silence courted a blushing festival
forever listened, a fair breeze murmuring freedom

love pulsed new fallen splendor
a beautiful tempest reaching beyond reason
in an adventurous fury
passion danced blindly, yet as soothing as summer

yet empty drifting orbits turned away twilight's glory
imagined mountains melting temples
careless shapes shadowing sunlight
disguises and themes
a sea between us

since then, drifting on the flood at night
with only the stars' reflection in a cup of wine for guidance

and now, dimly through the fog, the lights of the city
i will look for you when i arrive-Drifting

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    by Muzu (8/4/11) 13 views

    Official music video for the track Solo by Iyaz.

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    Official music video for the track Pass Out by Tinie Tempah. This is the debut track from the British rapper. The music video is focused around Tinie Tempah rapping and Labrinth, who sings the chorus, coming into the shot. Tim Bown, the director of the video, said in the behind-the-scenes video that they were trying to create graphical elements, including laser-cut props.

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