Orlando Perez Taking It Higher - Orlando Perez (Music Video)


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London-based music production studio & record label, StreetVibes UK, today announced the launch of ‘Taking It Higher’, the debut single from UK-US singer-songwriter, Orlando Perez. ‘Taking It Higher’ features UK vocalist ML, and was recorded at StreetVibes’ London studios. It is the first track to be released from Orlando Perez’s debut solo album, entitled ‘Paradise’ and due for release in September 2011.

“’Taking It Higher’ is a sure-fire summer smash,” said DJ Bizzy, from Bad Bizzness club promotions. “The track combines soulful vocals with a thumping bass and catchy melody that is sure to be blasting out from car stereos up and down the country.”
More info:www.orlandoperez.tv-Orlando Perez Taking It Higher

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