GOPRO HD and TWIXTOR 2000fps

By: koldstudios


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EDITED WITH TWIXTOR IN AFTER EFFECTS AND PREMIERE PRO 60 fps 59.94) used twixtor to slow it down 2% song: awolnation: sail backflip slowmotion **NOTE I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG** the song "sail by awolnation" does not belong to me
60, Fps, 59.94), Used, Twixtor, To, Slow, It, Down, 2%, Song:, Owlnation, Sail, Super, Slowmotion, Amazing, Fail, Backflipgopro, Hd, Hero, How, Use, Premiere, Pro, After, Effects, Dont, Try, This, At, Home, Leaked, Footage, Backflip, Motion, Looks, Colorista, Entertainment
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