Through The Fire and Flames -One Foot One Pedal- 830K (GH:SH Expert+ Drums 4*)

By: azuritereaction


Uploaded on June 22, 2009 by azuritereaction Powered by YouTube

So, here it is. Almost 5 stars, but I don't think it's possible to get 5 stars on this with one foot unless you nail literally everything outside of the double bass rush parts.

Passed this sightread with 770K the day the game came out, as far as I know I was the first to pass on expert+ with one foot (and in general).

This is my third full run of the song, never took the song into practice or anything like that so a few of the fills i'm kinda ehh on but otherwise a solid run IMO.

Literally one of the only songs that makes me sweat when I play expert drums (the other two are War Ensemble and Dyer's Eve Expert ), you need some stamina for this.

Yeah, that's the stock WT pedal (it's actually broken at the hinge: it's only held together by tape).

I'm not using two pedals because i've yet to get a second pedal that works (as in, they didn't work out of the box), although that's going to be remedied shortly. for the time being though, expect a lot more Expert videos with one foot, one pedal coming up.

Oh, and if you want the video to not lag, don't run anything else or move your mouse even. Found out that as long as I didn't move or touch anything, the video actually played perfectly smooth.



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