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'Alone', a Malayalam music video released in Jan, 2010.

Cast & Crew
Producer: Nasar Ibrahim | Director: Hari M Mohanan | Music: Rashee | Cinematographer: Jomon T John | Editor: Vivek Harshan | Colorist : Sunil | Art-Costume: Copybook Team | Artist Coordination: Lukmance, Cochin | Studio: 5 Frames, Chennai | Online: RGB, Chennai | Make-Up: Jijeesh | Programming: Sushin Shyam | Production Design: Jasif | Guitar: Varun Raj | Asst. Directors: Francis, Anoop Lal | Asst. Cinematographer: Praseed | Asst. Make-up: Bijeesh | Starring: Jithin Harid, Rashee, Aswini | Presented by Copybook Films in Association with StoryBox

Its a journey to a place where a couple lived happily. That was the place they shared everything, the place where their dream started blooming.

They never hid their emotions from each other. But as we all know every life and every bond is fragile. Yes, in life, fate rules. The relation changes its patterns. Fun goes upside down, she forgets to smile and even cry. He going to lose her, lose her very badly.

After months of longing he decides to go back to the place they lived, just to be with her memories, just to feel her. The pain unfolds in all its depth, and in the end even god wants to send her back. For a beautiful beginning. A beginning which was already lost.

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