Halo 3 Compilation: Cortana and Gravemind Part 1(SPOILERS!)

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WARNING!!! MAJOR HALO 3 SPOILERS! You've been warned. ----------------------------------------------------...
WARNING!!! MAJOR HALO 3 SPOILERS! You've been warned. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Part 2 is in the video response. :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a compilation of all the Cortana and Gravemind clips in Halo 3 with a little extra stuff in beween, including the flashes of Cortana and Gravemind in Master Chief's HUD throughout most of the levels. There will be 3 parts since there's so much Cortana/Gravemind footage in Halo 3. Gravemind quotes: "I am a monument to all your sins." "Two corpses in one grave." "Do not be afraid...I am peace...I am salvation." "I am a timeless chorus; join your voice with mine, and sing victory everlasting." (thanks to kabcr for the correction) All credit goes to Bungie and Microsoft for making these clips from the best game ever. The only thing I did was the compiling/editing. ^_^ Eh, sorry for the mess up at :48...I think I know what happened, so it won't happen again in the other parts.