Vampire Hunter D: Hallowed Be Thy Name (Cradle of Filth)

By: Purified


Uploaded on April 30, 2007 by Purified Powered by YouTube

This is my first video so try not to bash it too much, at the time I didn't try to time every little detail like I do now. Also, ANY COMMENT THAT IS JUST A HATE COMMENT TOWARDS ME WILL GET DELETED, OR ANY COMMENT SUGGESTING A DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE SONG OTHER THAN THE CRADLE OF FILTH VERSION WILL BE DELETED. When I put this video on youtube before it was flamed for the song, so I'm warning this time that the song is by Cradle of Filth, if you were thinking I used a different version don't even watch it. I'll take any negative comments as long as they don't just say "Kill the person who created this" or something like that, and actually has something useful to help me in the future of making music videos. I hope you guys enjoy the music video and please comment, just not any hateful ones please.

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