The Top PSP Games Of 2010

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A video showing the best games of 2010 (most upcoming, some already released). You'll see both the box art ...
A video showing the best games of 2010 (most upcoming, some already released). You'll see both the box art and an in game screenshot. I missed a few games like Silent Hill by accident. Sorry about that. Also I did not include the rumoured games. They will be on a different video and I'm currently working on another psp video at the moment and am therefore unable to take requests for the next few weeks. 30,000 VIEWS!! THANKS GUYS :D Anyway, hope you find this video helpful. (keep in mind I did NOT include psp minis except for Minigore because it's unconfirmed as to whether it will be a digital-only download or not). And this video was made before E3 so if you watch this after E3 and see missing games, that's expected! THE SONGS ARE: Follow The Reaper Children Of Decadence Northern Comfort By Children Of Bodom HERE ARE MY LITTLE PREVIEWS/SUMMARIES OF ALL GAMES IN THE VID!!!! --------------------------------- GOD OF WAR GHOST OF SPARTA Pfft, need I say anymore? YAKUZA PORTABLE The experience on the psp with amazing visuals! Ace Combat Joint Assault: Gorgeous arcade flight sim. Exclusive to PSP. Final Fantasy Agito XIII: This FF game will be set in a school of magic! Yeah! LOTR Aragorn's Quest: Psp's first proper Lord Of The Rings game. It may flop but it's exciting anyway! Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: The psp's first Kingdom Hearts game. Some reviews out already call it the best in the series! Also, breathtaking visuals. Blazblue Calamity Trigger: Fans of Blazblue can now take it on the road with them! Duke Nukem Trilogy: While the ds will have mediocre side scrollers, the psp gets a fully 3D, immersive game with 3 alternate camera views; third person, first person & isometric! Disgaea Infinite: The great rpg series has yet another game. Prinny's in it too! Dead Or Alive Paradise: tits! That's all. Fat Princess Fistful Of Cake: Addicting isometric game with loads of charm and lots of blood! Full Metal Alchemist: Everyone's favourite anime series is now a great handheld rpg! God Eater: Go co-op with friends and go pwn those beasties! Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley: It could be the best HM game so far! Nice visuals, beautiful environments & improved gameplay! Hexyz Force: Who isn't excited about this?! It looks cute, charming and really really fun! Iron Man 2: Let's admit it, while Iron Man the game was a flop I think we all are hoping this game will be good. Lego Harry Potter: There's not been a decent HP game since Chamber Of Secrets on GBA but let's give Tt Games the benefit of the doubt and pray this game's good! Last Ranker: Big RPG with lots of fighting. It looks good so far. Mimani Iyar Chronicles: Pfft, looks better suited on ds but it could be very addictive. Minigore: One of the top Iphone games comes to the psp in style....well, not in style but still, it's coming to psp! Woot! Modnation Racers: Wowza! It's got all the main features of the ps3 version; character creation, level creation & even some new features! After Littlebigplanet, expectations are high! Monster Hunter Portable 3Rd: One of the greatest psp games of all time is getting a sequel! Yeah, that's right. And it's looking amazing. You'd be a fool to miss out on this game. The Third Birthday: Funny, the Parasite Eve games recieved a lot of praise but the series seemed to come to a dead end pretty soon. Seems that it's still alive and headed towards only the psp! Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: I bet it's the GOTY for handhelds. It's officially MGS5, it's having brand new Co-Op never seen before on any Mgs game before it. And the visuals are among the best ever seen on a handheld! Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands: Ubisoft successfully ported the POP experience to psp two times before without a hitch (well almost). I expect this game will continue this trend. .hack//Link: Looks like a fun dungeon crawler. I imagine it will have lots of customisation and a huge online community. Resident Evil Portable: The amount of horror games on psp can be counted on one hand. Well at least we know that psp will be getting one brilliant new survival horror title that will make up for the lack of them. Socom Fireteam Bravo 3: It's almost like MW2 in third person mode. Maybe not quite as good but still, very fun! Only problem is the control really. Valkyria Chronicles 2: VC1 was a ps3 exclusive, now the series is coming to psp with an official sequel, not a spin-off. Expect a great game. Lunar Silver Star Harmony: Retro-style rpg. Beautiful locations and hopefully a decent story will make it a must-have for all rpg fans!