Tari Saman (Original Saman Dance from Gayo - Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia) (HQ)

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Saman or a (1000) thousand hands Dance were the traditional dance withered Gayo people that came from Blangkejeren,Gayo lues Regency. "Saman" name was taken from the person who created and developed of this dance,Syeikh Saman, that is one of the Muslim scholars who spread the Islam religion in Nanggroe Aceh darussalam,Sumatra, Indonesia.The poem language or the song that was used Arabic and Gayo that contained the religious message,satire,idyl advice and the quatrain love.The dance was known with several name kinds That Is:

1.Saman Gayo (Aceh tenggara,Gayo lues,Bener meriah And Aceh tengah Regency)
2.Saman Lokop (Aceh timur Regency)

That not yet in found the explanation that was more specific concerning the equality and the difference of the dance saman from respectively the area.But,I'm a Gayo person that was domiciled at the Bener Meriah Regency at least a little know about the equality and the difference of the Saman dance from the two areas.The equality of the Two saman this used the Gayo language,and the difference only in the variation diaelek, Kerawang (traditional clothes) and The colour of kerawang.

The Saman dance only was not take pleasure in the Gayo community,but also by the wider public community,Moreover down to foreign.That caused saman often experienced Changed.Although also the
saman change in the person's circle gayo.But,The originality still continue to in maintained now.

If want to watch the performance of saman dance that still original,may visited blangkeren the Gayo lues regency,or watch the Video original Gayo saman dance on youtube .Usually the contest Saman agenda was carried out a year very much coincided in the agenda celebrated the Republic of Indonesia birthday in August.in days of yore,The dance showed in the special traditional agenda.Among them in the ceremony commemorated the birthday of prophet Muhammad's saw, And what is more, contemporary This dance was shown also in the formal agendas,like as,guests's visit the statesmanship,or in the opening of a festival and the other agenda.

The dance saman including one of the dances that was unique enough, cause only put forward the movement of other clap hand and the clap chest, like the movement Guncang,Kirep,Lingang,Surang-Saring (all these movements were gayo language). see more



Saman dance page fan: http://facebook.com/samandance

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