UCLA SMP Classroom Walk-Throughs Introduction



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Classroom Walk-Throughs is a four-day, interactive institute that provides educators with practical experience in using a protocol to observe students at work in classrooms and debrief their observations in order to identify patterns of successful learning. This non-evaluative, non-judgmental protocol surfaces useful data about student learning and ties it to effective instructional practice through professional inquiry based on educators' questions about student learning.

Over the four days of the institute, participants can expect to:

* learn and practice a protocol for observing students as they work;
* design effective focus questions for classroom observations at the schools they will be visiting and at their own school site;
* participate in non-judgmental observation debriefs to identify patterns of practice that result in high levels of student learning;
* identify patterns and trends in student data that suggest areas for professional inquiry;
* practice the art of questioning to build trust and surface new perspectives; and,
* establish priorities for focused, collaborative action across multiple school initiatives.

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