Ruarri Joseph Red Mist Both Sides Of The Coin

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Ruarri Joseph Red Mist - the brand new single from the forthcoming album "Both Sides Of The Coin" o...
Ruarri Joseph Red Mist - the brand new single from the forthcoming album "Both Sides Of The Coin" out early 2009. Want more from Ruarri? *******www.ruarrijoseph******/ ***********/user/ruarrijoseph#grid/user/41AA92... *******www.facebook****/RuarriJoseph *******www.myspace****/ruarrijoseph *******www.bebo****/ruarrijoseph *******www.frankandsuzie**** "Few artists begin their career with the rollercoaster ride Ruarri Joseph found himself on. Three years ago, the singer/songwriter was playing in pubs in his native Newquay, partly for fun, partly to supplement his income from a succession of dreary day jobs. Then in late2006, he unexpectedly landed a deal with a major label and, just six months later, the demos he had recorded at home became the basis of his acclaimed, debut album, Tales Of Grime And Grit. Hit singles in Patience and Blankets followed, as did a headline UK tour, support slots with David Gray, Funeral For A Friend and Paolo Nutini and a summer spent on festival stages, from Glastonbury to Bestival. Q magazine compared Ruarri to fragile troubadours such as Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, but the scruffy, flip flopwearing young fathers easy-going folk-pop and lyrics about lifes little pleasures most often had him hailed the British Jack Johnson. For the record, Ruarri can surf, though not well enough to win any prizes. Come late last year, submitting songs for his second album, Ruarris rapid rise hit a hitch. His music had matured from the demos of his debut, the oldest of which had been written eight years earlier, in his teens. The label wanted more of the same. After a spot of soul searching and a trip to Thailand, in January, Ruarri split from Atlantic Records, ditched the material he had been working on and holed up in the shed at the bottom of his garden with an assortment of instruments and a resolve to make exactly the music he had in his head. By the summer, Both Sides Of The Coin was completed. Its surprise inspiration had been a turbulent few months in the lives of the singers family and friends. The start of this year was a dark time for a lot of people around me, recalls Ruarri. There were losses, divorces, it seemed everywhere and everyone was hitting some kind of brick wall. It didnt help that I was unsure of my own future. In one sense, Ruarri returned to his roots. In his teens, he wrote songs to make sense of his life, rather than because he hoped lots of people would hear them. In his shed, he got to grips his own frustrations and the strange situations of those close to him. The result is songs that bristle with tension and trouble, but retain his upbeat pop melodies. On Red Mist, the laid-back vibe of old has been replaced by forcefully-strummed electric guitar, a hip-shaking groove and a creeping sense that the walls of his world are tumbling in. I want to stand up and accuse this beast/And smack its wrists for the tales it speaks/But somehow my voice is too distant to hear/And no-one is listening in, growls Ruarri in a voice that tells you his blood has been boiling. I am not a vengeful person in real life, he insists. Infact, Im pretty relaxed and laid-back, but only because I pour my emotions into the music. Once Ive written a song, I realise theres no point staying mad. It just screws you up.