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Agosta 90b and dephnie class subs of pak navy the trcks translation is
Cold, overcast...
And my soul is filled with despair.
How could I know that you would die?
Until I see you again, native shore!
How difficult for us to realize that this is not a dream...
Motherland - native home,
Until I see you again, motherland!
Hey! Take to the sea! Take to the sea!
The sea's waves await but will not wait forever!
The distances of the sea and the breakers beckon us.
Salute our fathers and our grandfathers-
We will always be faithful to our oath to them.
Now there is nothing that can halt
The victorious advance of our native country.
You sail on, sail on fearlessly,
Pride of the Northern Seas
Hope of the Revolution,
The solidifier of the faith of all the people.
In October, in October,
We will report out victory!
In October, in October,
A new world was given to us by our grandfathers!

(so this is a naval hymn but we have only one difference we r the "pride of southern seas")

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