Uta Kata - Yaoi - Crimson Twincest

By: Cyjaneczka


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Sorry I had to change song due to copyright claim :(
This new song title is "Friends or Lovers" by Marisa (from her album "Long Way From Home")

Forbidden Love, secret between twin brothers, desperate affection, tragic passion and story of highest sacrifice... xD hell yeah Yaoi ! xD

And did I mention about angst, twins and yaoi? xD
I did? Oo" Well It's pretty important XD So I repeat xD angst, twins, yaoi! xD = Yeah for Twincest !!! XD
(I've got obsession? Oo" No kidding! xD)

I just love "Uta Kata" ^__^
That glorious anime contains everything for everyone! xD Yuri (lot's of Yuri ! xD), Yaoi...

(I LOVE paring Sei Todo & Kai Todo x3 truly, madly, deeply xD totally cry my eyes on 13 OAV episode T_T" snif) ...and many more goodies ! xD

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