ColecoVision Unreleased Stuff 1

By: newcoleco


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This is part 1 of unreleased stuff for ColecoVision, made with real informations, rumors and opinions about some of the unreleased games and modules for the ColecoVision game system.

In this video I'm talking about a boxed ColecoVision Donkey Kong game, some prototypes, and many games never released or simply different from the description given by Coleco Industries.

Please visit the Youtube Channels of Rob MaximumRD, Gary Stark (creator of cookie monster munch atari2600 game), and John TVRewind.

Forget to mention in the video : The Wild Western cartridge came from the personal ColecoVision collection of Will Berdan.

Computer Voice "Mike" from AT&T democore web site.

Please note that every message talking about the computer voice will be deleted.

And "Coleco" is not a real word, it's for "Connecticut Leather Company", so we can prononce this the way the computer voice say it, it doesn't matter. I like this voice anyway.

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