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•☆•For•☆• DiafanGeisha, thank you for inspiring me too make this =3
•♥•Couple•♥• Aurikku [AuronxRikku! Don't lik don't watch! T.T]
•♫•Song•♫• Accidentally In Love
•♪•Artist•♪• Counting Crows


K, well, Auron is starting to develop feelings for Rikku. [in this Rikku and Auron traveled together before they meet up with Yuna and all them] Rikku nicknamed Auron baby for she him crying one night [she didn't know why he was] so at the part she says, "What's the problem, baby?" She's noting how he looks more upset then usual. Then he begins to explain he believes he's in love, but she doesn't know he's talking about her though.

At the chorus line finally tells her he's in love with her, and if she has feelings too, don't be afraid to let them out! xD


i picked this song cuz it seems to me that Auron is the kinda guy who would want to cure love! xD And try to hide his feelings =3 Well, hope u enjoy it =]

DISCLAIMER: If i own none of the following: fan art, final fantasy, or this song. have a nice day now =]

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