Martyrdom Supreme of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), His Family & Followers@Karbala

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Published 6 Aug 2010
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Muharram Al-Harram: Salaam to The Imam(RA) 

Narrated by Hamid Hussain:

Most excruciatingly painful event ...
Muharram Al-Harram: Salaam to The Imam(RA) 

Narrated by Hamid Hussain:

Most excruciatingly painful event it has been in the entire Human History and Civilization. All in the name of Allah The Almighty, The Most Benevolent, The Most Merciful, The Most Peaceful and His(saw) attributes are endless. 

Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) sacrificed himself, His companions and His family laid their lives:
So that Islam 's honour remains intact and our world remain Democratic, Peaceful and Merciful. 
For Justice, Fairness and that all achieve and enjoy their Freedom and basic Human Rights. 

Now, such sacrifice is unparalleled in the entire History of Civilization and the entire Civilized World. 

Hazrat Imam Hussain 's campaign was a fulgent success against:
Yazid who was the most evil, hateful, deceitful and spiteful person. 

Imam(ra) has served Allah (Islam) with flying colors and has surely done our Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) immense Proud, who is also Imam 's(ra) Maternal Grand Father. 

Sacrifices rendered at Karbala are a pinnacle of sacrifices and also serve as a corner stone of The Islamic Political History.

We All pay our Respect and Salaam to All the Martyrs Supreme of Karbala. May Allah(swt) bestow upon them His choicest Blessings Supreme and may the martyrs of Karbala enjoy the Zenith of Heavens above. 
Whereas Yazid and his Henchmen burn, suffocate and suffer in the most horrible part deep down at the bottom of the Hell where the Hell Fire is at its extreme.

Melody/music composition and rendition: Hamid Hussain


Opening verse by Hazrat Allama Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal: 

Qatle Hussain Asal Mein Marg e Yazid hai
Islam zinda hoota hai har Karbala ke baad. 

Salaam by Nawab Muazzam Jah Bahadur Shajii:

Irshaad e Shah, Deen ki, Imaa.n ki baat hai 
Ibn e Ali(ra) ki baat hi Quran ki baat hai

Insaaniyat ka dars diya woh Imam(ra) nein
Kaun o Maka.n mein azmat e Insa.n ki baat hai

Deen e Mobee.n jo aap se wabasta ho gaya
Kitnee ajeeb Shah e Shaheeda.n ki baat hai

Maqtal ka saneha ho ke zinda.n ka tazkara
Islam par Hussain(ra) ke ehsaa.n ki baat hai

Maqtal mein gul jo ki thii shah e Mushraqeen nein
Woh Karbala ki shamm e faroza.n ki baat hai

Maidaan e Karbala mein woh Aayei.n qayamatei.n
Mehshar ke roz shaam e ghareeba.n ki baat hai

Kyaa kyaa sitam na Aaal e Nabi(pbuh) par huuway Shajee
Ye baat sirf deeda e giryaa.n ki baat hai
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