Let's Play Chris Sawyer's Locomotion - Ep. 27: PASSENGER TRAINS

By: matsku84


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Like me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Matsku84 Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL03B61EED32601A48 This is me playing Chris Sawyer's Locomotion with a custom scenario called Randomland. In this episode I renew a bunch of vehicles and build my first passengers train line with two different types of trains. Mods used in this series so far: Steve's Earth Slopes: http://cache.locomotiondepot.net/view.php?item=32 Enhanced Airport Pack: http://www.amitrains.co.uk/downloads/view.download/56.html Locotool Wrapper: http://www.amitrains.co.uk/downloads/view.download/44.html Landscape/map generation criteria: - Sea Level: +4 units - Minimun land height: 2 units - Topography style: Half Mountains, Half Hills - Hill density: 35% - Create hills right up to edge of map - Brown Rock: In small random areas - Dry Grass: Everywhere - Grass: Far from mountains - Grey Rock: Everywhere - Sand: Nowhere - No. of forests: 50 - Minimum forest radius: 4 blocks - Maximum forest radius: 25 blocks - Minimum forest density: 14% - Maximum forest density: 84% - No. of random individual trees: 850 - Minimum altitude for trees: 5m - Maximum alitude for trees: 125m - No. of towns: 30 - Maximum town size: 4 - No. of industries: High - Allow new industries to start up during game Video and game sounds recorded using Hyperionics HyperCam 2: - Video: 25 fps, 1280x720p, auto select compressor & 95% compression quality - Sound: 2 channels, 16-bit sample size & 44 KHz sample rate Commentary recorded using Samson C01U microphone and Audacity: - 44 KHz sample rate exported as Microsoft WAV (16-bit PCM) Edited and rendered with Sony Vegas Pro 10: - Video: 25fps, 1920x1080p, Windows Media Video 9, 95% smoothness & 10 Mbps constant bit rate - Sound: 2 channels, Windows Media Audio 9.2, 44 KHz sample rate & 320 kbps constant bit rate
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