Jennifer Lawrence ; Walking on Sunshine

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I am so extremely happy right now. Oh God. Asdfghjkl. I just need to express my feelings okay. So I made this crappy thing. The song is perfect for my situation though haha... Okay, so I've had a pretty bad week. My hands have been hurting and I've been feeling a bit low. But. OMGOMGOMG. You all know I love this gorgeous person named James Gaisford, right? Well. I made him smile today. That's right. He sent me a smiley. Yep. I basically tweeted him and said that I really hoped that he would get his breakthrough one day, because he's amazing and would totally deserve it (true). And this morning I woke up earlier than usual, and went on twitter. AND THERE, ON MY TIMELINE... -emotional breakdown- He replied me. With a 'thanks! :)' AND ANNELOT. You made me tweet him, you wonderful human being. I will remember this when I'm married with James and we have cute little babies. :') I'll just go and die in a corner now okay, xx.
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