How to Use Swap Magic Discs and the Slide Card

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Published 7 Sep 2009
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My last video didnt have any audio, so this is the same one but with audio. that is the site i purchased the slide card and swap magic discs.
The only 2 things you need to buy are the magic swap discs and a slide card. you dont have to buy a flip top. also this only works on the big ps2's not the slim ones. First open your tray and take off the cover on the front of it by gently prying it off (it has the Play Station logo on it) if you dont take this off you cant use the slide card WHICH YOU NEED. you cant do this without a slide card. Ok now load the Swap Magic Discs like a normal game. once it loads and goes to the main menu (it will say load program) dont push anything yet. this is when you need to use the slide card. take the slide card and insert it into the middle of the tray (like i said earlier if you MUST take off that cover on the front or else slide card wont work. you cant push the eject button either because this resets the console.) now push the slide card up (or to the right if you laid your ps2 to the side) you will hear a noise which is the tray coming up and moving the disc away from the laser guidance thing. now gently and carefully pull it towards you. (once the tray comes out a little it might be easier to pull it gently with your fingers for the rest of the way) then put your cd/dvd into the tray. (note that if you want to load a cd use the swap magic cd disc and if you are loading a dvd use the swap magic dvd disc.) now gently push the tray in with your fingers (dont push the eject button or else it will reset the console) now take your slide card once again and insert it into the top ( or the right if you laid your ps2 to the side) and pull it back down (or to the left) the hook needs to grab onto that mechanism again that resets the tray back to its upright position so you need to be listening for that noise again which is the tray moving back up. now take your controller and press the X button on the load program option. and thats it. it sounds very complicated but it is very very easy once you learn how to do it. the hardest part is finding the part where it hooks back on to that mechanism that loads the tray back to default positon. so the three easy steps are to 1. slide the card up (to the right) 2. pull tray out and insert cd/dvd. 3.insert slide card and slide it back down (or to the left) to put the tray back to its position. and of course press the X button on the controller to load the game.
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