Linux Zoo Crew: Ubuntu 12.04 Roundup

By: Spatry


Uploaded on April 30, 2012 by Spatry Powered by YouTube

NEW RSS FEED. To conserve bandwidth only my 5 most recent episodes of the ZOO Crew will be available. You can download the OGG files using your web browser. Join the Linux Zoo Crew and be a part of this show! To join, you will need to install Mumble and you must have a microphone to participate in voice conversation. Instructions provided in the link below... Join us on Linux Distro Community Chat! Shows start Saturday 8PM Sharp(UTC -5)! Seating is limited so arrive early if you want to participate in the discussion! Timezone Calculator: TOTAL OS TODAY Daniel Edwards Linux Show Bartos "LinuxSmarts" Oscalit Foundation Linux Soup with Pingcasts QUIDSUP Spatry's Cup of Linux Techman's Channel Advanced Linux with Setkeh Convert Flash to JAVA: This video is released under the following creative commons license:
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