Cobus - The Beatles - Come Together (Drum Cover/Remix Ft. Jared Falk)

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NEW: My drumming tips & tricks: *******CobusMethod****/free-lessons/ _____ It feels like every time I go...
NEW: My drumming tips & tricks: *******CobusMethod****/free-lessons/ _____ It feels like every time I go to Canada something insane happens :) Last time Jared and his team helped me film the ridiculous (but awesome) mountain-top cover of Kings and Queens, and this time we got to record this little gem. We had the idea to do something crazy, and started thinking of maybe doing a cover in suits.. and naturally, The Beatles immediately popped up as a song choice. I did some research to maybe find some, um, "interesting" mixes of Beatles songs.. I found one really cool mix (here it is: *******, and arranged this version you just heard. Jared and I worked out the parts an hour or so before recording, and this was the last take we did. Also.. stick switch: way easier than you might think. I was expecting it to be near impossible when I pitched it, but we pretty much never dropped the sticks. Crazy. Get a buddy, play a drum duet, and try it. Drum duets are SO MUCH FUN when they're not competitive. Anyways, Like I said in the video.. this was all done to say thanks (as always) and to give you guys some free lessons, if you'd like to see some. So just click this link: *******CobusMethod****/free-lessons/ ..and you'll soon hear my voice again :) Thank you guys so much for the support! You make all this possible. Much love, Cobus. _____