POD "Youth Of The Nation" Music Video

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*****ANSWERS TO MOST QUESTIONS ON THE VIDEO ARE IN HERE***** Hey guys, thanks for taking time to watch thi...
*****ANSWERS TO MOST QUESTIONS ON THE VIDEO ARE IN HERE***** Hey guys, thanks for taking time to watch this video and read this video description. First of all this video is a music video I created as a project for my BTEC National Media course and is also my first time at ever directing and editing a video by myself so apologies if there's any 'n00by mistakes.' Criticisem on what you think could of being made better etc. is more then welcome but please keep all personnal criticisems on the way people look/dress to yourself. Any offensive comments made will be removed and/or ignored. :Story: The story to my video is about a kid who lost is life when being shot in the chest twice by a 'serial killer' and is now telling the story from the dead about his death and the lives of two of his old school freinds. :Inspriartions: Of course other then what can only be described as 'powerfull lyrics' by POD but my main inspiration was a video I saw from David Fisch of 'A Fish To Go Productions' (A direct URL doesn't work so here's his username fish128812 Be sure to check out his other video's aswell) I find his video to be very powerfull and has done a great way of showing the Lyrics in a more detail manor which is what we tried to create on our video. Another inspiration was the death of a close freind of mine (Lee Joshua Conman AKA Rolly) down to street violance. This is a big thing in the world today and the lyrics to this song do make me think about Lee. R.I.P man :'( :Techinichal Details: The video was captured and edited using Sony Vegas 6.0. and was filmed with a hand held digital video camera. Rendering Problems: As you can see we had two massive problems when rendering the video. Number one being the banner, when we edited the footage the banner along the bottom of the screen entitled Pod - Youth Of The Nation 'Channel Rock Tv' (Cheesey I know... Wasn't my idea lol) was supposed to go from one side of the screen to another, however when we rendered the video into a WMV file it came out how you see it. Secondly the scene which starts from the verse "Last day of the rest of my life" wasn't supposed to have those dodgey light bits at the side, that also came out weird when we rendered the footage. :Youtube Quality: Yeh we all know it's a bitch... So apologies for the lack of good quality on the video and text at the beggining. Ps. "Look at this music video for its cinematic approach and NOT the exact lyrics."