Super Size Me (2004): Danger-to-the-liver

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Published 24 May 2013
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The clip danger-to-the-liver from Super Size Me (2004) with Morgan Spurlock, Daryl Isaacs. Powered by: Anyc...
The clip danger-to-the-liver from Super Size Me (2004) with Morgan Spurlock, Daryl Isaacs. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

150 over 90.
The headaches might even be hypertensive headaches,
but they're probably not.
They're probably related to blood sugar.
You might be in this hyperinsulinemic state.
150 over 110.
Your total cholesterol was 165 before.
Now it's 225.
A liver that's inflamed in any way or sick in any way
will leak some of its enzymes out to the blood.
So this is very nonspecific,
but it means the liver is sick,
and the most likely cause of your liver sickness
is a fatty liver.
Your liver is now like pat?
SGOT was originally 21.
Now it's... 130.
And SGPT was originally 20.
Now it's 290, a more than tenfold increase.
Not good, not good, not good.
Anybody would say right now that you're sick.
If you're fatigued with this,
you'll feel lethargic with this,
you'll feel run-down with this.
If somebody were doing this to their liver with alcohol,
they could theoretically wipe out all the liver cells
and they'd be in liver failure.
I�ve never heard of anybody doing this to their liver
with a high-fat diet, but I guess anything's poss...
I don't know. I can't answer the question.
Never been done before.
No one's ever wiped out their liver
with a high-fat diet before.
And I won't wipe out my liver in two more weeks?
I would think it would be unlikely.
I don't want to tell you you wouldn't.
My advice to you is to stop doing what you're doing,
because it's hurting you.
You're sick, and you're making yourself sick,
and you can make yourself unsick
by stopping doing what you're doing.
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