ZUKO is INDIAN!!? (Avatar The Last Airbender Movie) [18+]

By: ShimiSan


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I mainly talked about the Fire Nation not really anyone else. Right now I'm not happy with the cast.. maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they will surprise me with an excellent performance! I mean the cast bothered me but it didn't really PISS ME OFF. Like Aang, Katara, and Sokka didn't annoy me as much as Zuko's actor. (Although Katara and Sokka's actors hardly look anything like Inuit Indians!!)

Not only Zuko is Indian but also Fire Lord Ozai, Uncle Iroh, and Admiral Zhao are all indian or have indian features. Is it me or does it just look out of place when you (fans) obviously know the Fire Nation is Oriental concentrated and then you have Indians as the Firebenders. W.T.F. Why would you do that? It's NOT racist; the director (Who's also indian lol) has changed an ethnicity of a group of people. That just changed characteristics and qualities the original animated characters had! The fact that he changed their ethnicity DESTROYED character designs. (ADUH WHY DO YOU THINK SO MANY ARE PISSED?)

M. Night Shyamalan if you fuck up Avatar TLA in my eyes you will seriously look like one of the most shittest directors I have ever seen.

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