Donkey Kong Country Returns | Episode 9 - "Ruined Roost"

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This has to be the most efficient Episode yet! Episode 3 of Sapphire will be up at around 6:30 tonight as well as Episodes 4 and 5 on Sunday!! Welcome to let's play Donkey Kong Country Returns! I am here with USMCSuperTony11 and we are going to "100" percent this game by collecting all of the K-O-N-G letters.(100% according to the games standards) Each episode will be uploaded every other day until I and Tony get out of school on June 7. Then we will be able to meet every week and only do 4 videos in one day instead of 8 as of now. Check out our channels below :D Peace, and as always have a nice day! Let's Play All The Way!™ (We did NOT steal any of JoshJepson's or SuperJeenius' catch phases during this lp, we are just saying them because they are awesome that they made them up during their lp of this game) Michael: Tony:
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