"Honestly" - Maribelle Anes Ft. Lil Crazed

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Maribelle, a VERY talented young girl, did an awesome job with this track and asked me to accompany her on ...
Maribelle, a VERY talented young girl, did an awesome job with this track and asked me to accompany her on it. I loved the joint and definitely wanted to be a part of it. Here's a simple video I put together for the song. Download Link: http://www.limelinx.com/files/b3aaa4752e9619b0bb3b278cdd44faad Lyrics: (Crazed) ~now hold up you aint ever even met me, won't give me a chance to "work out" but you SWEAT me? lets see, can you tell me how that's fair huh? real with my lady, i don't wear "Mascera" because see i don't "make up" lies i'm down for my girl, you're just way uptight false assumptions and to me that hurts, dont judge a book by it's cover girl, read it first, and she deserves, more than me, i know that but fortunately, i meet her standards, so every single time you question her happiness, i'm still her answer, bravo, i applaud you looking out, but try looking in and you'll see what i'm about, i admit, there's still a bit to POLISH me, but trust me i'ma NAIL it, honestly ProjektZoo: Where the Wild Kings Are Link: http://projektzoo.eventbrite.com/ Where: Los Angeles Convention Center Who: Lil Crazed, Michelle Martinez, Jargon, Krystle Cruz, Joanlee, The Werd When: Saturday, July 31st Cost: $50, $40, $20 Merchandise: www.lilcrazed.com -3 New T-shirt Styles -Signed copies of "Equilibrium" KROC Radio Interview will be Monday, July 19th. Rochester, MN listeners can tune in at 106.9. If you're not from the Rochester area and would like to listen to the interview as well as the first single from Equilibrium, tune in at www.kroc.com at 6pm on July 19th. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/equilibrium/id374372704 Purchase my 5 Track EP, "Equilibrium" produced by Mike Kalombo today on Amazon or iTunes for $4.95! This EP is the prequel to the much anticipated album, "Static!" Links: (Crazed) http://www.youtube.com/LilCrazed http://www.youtube.com/ACrazedLifestyle http://www.twitter.com/LilCrazedKID http://www.facebook.com/LilCrazedKID http://www.myspace.com/LilCrazed http://www.itunes.com/LilCrazed (Maribelle Anes) http://www.youtube.com/user/mariballstv http://twitter.com/maribelleanes