The Top Ten Moves of Bull Nakano

By: TheSuicidalDragon


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Closing out the Joshi for the time being with another legend of the Joshi ranks. Bull Nakano has seen a great deal of success over her career. Things first started to take off as she engaged in a brutal feud with Aja Kong, which culminated in an especially brutal Cage Match, topped off with an incredible spot in wrestling history. Once finished with that feud, the two actually tagged for a while, including at the Dreamslam event in April of 1993. Bull also engaged in a brutal Chain Match with Shinobu Kandori during that time. Early in her career, she won the WWWA World Tag Team Titles many times, as well as the AJW Juniors Title, and was the inaugural CMLL Women's World Champion. In November of 1994, she acheived arguably her greatest accomplishiment when she won the WWF Women's Title at the AJW Big Egg Universe event in the Tokyo Dome. Bull is credited with the innovation of her Bull's Poseidon, Somersault Legdrop, as well as the Rope Assisted DDT.

Thanks to both Nagashimark and HybridDolphinELPS for their help in making this vid.

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