(Airsoft) G&P M203 Grenade Launcher M4 SOPMOD Tokyo Marui.

By: KhanSeb


Uploaded on April 14, 2010 by KhanSeb Powered by YouTube

Shots with the G&P M203 grenade launcher. There is also shots with the Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD.

The grenade are gas powered. I bought the grenades and the grenade launcher on ehobbyasia.

I'm dry firing. I'm in a room and I don't want to fill it with about one hundred bb's... Which is the number of bbs thoses grenades (king arms) can take.

The G&P grenade launcher needs modification if you want to put it on the M4 sopmod marui.

The M4 is a tokyo marui M4 sopmod. I bought it on uncompany for about 500 USD. About 290 FPS.

The grenade launcher is a G&P M203. I bought it on ehobbyasia for about 120 USD, and I work the attachement to fit it on this particular M4 (you can check my other video to see how I did that).

The eotech is a china made fake one, I bought it on uncompany for about 60 USD.

The shells are 120 rounds king arms. I bought them on ehobbyasia, for about 30 USD each.

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