Walther P22 Pistol: Recreational Favorite

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The diminutive Walther P22 .22 pistol is a fun plinker and I consider it a good choice as a recreational pi...
The diminutive Walther P22 .22 pistol is a fun plinker and I consider it a good choice as a recreational pistol. Shooters with small hands will appreciate its ergonomics, easily accessed controls, ease of loading (both mags and slide racking), and smaller grip. Other upsides include tactical looks, more blast and recoil for a .22 makes it funner, versatile configurations (can swap out barrels easily), and light rail. But make sure you are realistic about the gun's capabilities. While some may choose this as a backup defensive pistol, there are better choices that are more durable, more reliable, more compact, and lighter (like the Beretta Model 21A if you must go with a .22 pistol). Also this is not a target pistol, and as noted in the shooting session vid of the gun, it is hard to shoot well due to its coarse combat sights, small size, and relative lightweight (Model 22007 is 17.2 oz). A Ruger 22/45 or Browning Buckmark will probably be a better choice for most shooters in their acquisition of their first .22 pistol. Those full size plinkers are more durable, easier make hits with, have a longer sighting radius, and their extra weight (around 35 oz) is welcome on the range (just like a good 1911 that can shoot fast and stay on target). I find in informal competitions using my 22/45 that P22 users just can't keep up, solely due to guns' capabilities (and not skill). But when properly fed and maintained, the little P22 still cranks the rounds out with surprising speed and provides great fun. I recommend the use of quality and high velocity .22 ammo like CCI Mini-Mags to ensure proper function; use of promotional or wax-coated bullets may disappoint. Also hold your little P22 firmly to avoid jams. But despite these limitations, the charm of the little P22 persists and it remains an attractive and fun-to-shoot pistol that doubles as a trainer for some similar service pistols (like the Walther P99). Many female shooters declare it their favorite fun gun. ////////////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 7 out of 10