Ingrid Michaelson "Turn to Stone" (LYRICS)

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Lyrics to Ingrid Michaelson's beautiful and stunning new single "Turn to Stone" (I sound like an advertisement...) as featured on THE 100TH EPISODE OF GREY'S ANATOMY, "What a Difference a Day Makes", May 7 2009.
Seriously they are so amazing, the song AND the episode...
Ingrid's music goes soo well w/ Grey's.
(Let me know if you also cried buckets watching that episode!)
According to all the comments this was also in the second season finale of The Vampire Diaries, which aired on May 12, 2011.
No copyright infringement intended of the song, the album art, the lyrics, the picture of Ingrid, or any of the beautiful digital images that are from (surprise, surprise) Or the font. (I think that's everything, then...)
Enjoy!! (you will, i promise)

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