Saturday Night Live - Mr.Softee - Kid Creole & The Coconuts

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Saturday Night Live - Elliot Gould (Host)

This marked the 1st "small screen" appearance anywhere of Kid Creole and The Coconuts (1980) ....

Mr. Softee was the first of two performed "en vivo" that evening on this "internationally syndicated" show.

Little while back only this clip of the two was shared publicly but the "SUITS" dismantled it.

Eventually barring any more "short stopping" activities by the "adults" we will go public again.

Kid Creole
Coati Mundi
Addy Kaegi
Lori Eastside
Roni Griffith
Cheryl Poirier
Winston Grennan
Andrew Lloyd
Carol Colman
Mark Mazur
Peter Schott

RIP: Winston Grennan

The intent of this post is anthropological and not to make profit. It is strictly to share with fans and future visitors to this planet from other galaxies a part of the musical history of the aforementioned musical group blah blah blah...and I forgot one more what was it...oh yeah now I remember...BLAH ! ! !

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