P-51B 4312451 "Peggy" AKA "Live Bait"

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Note, the pilot close up is of Bob Stephens (not Gil Talbot), a Flight leader and Ace with the 355th Sq. This footage may actually be the day he became an ace.

I believe Gil Talbot is the pilot climbing out of "Peggy" at around 1:46

This aircraft was originally issued to 1st Lt. Gil Talbot who named it "Peggy". When Talbot received a new P-51B, 4312451 was passed on to Gross. Gross was once asked by his fellow pilots to fly at an altitude to attract enemy planes. He responded by asking "What do you want, live bait?" Thus the name on the nose of this aircraft.

Captain Clayton Kelly Gross flew P-51B Mustang "Live Bait", GQ-I (312451), when he was assigned to the 355th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group, 9th USAAF, based in Boxted, England. He completed two tours with the 354th FG, and flew 105 combat missions. He shot down six enemy fighters, including an ME-262 on April 14, 1945. He was awarded the Silver Star, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, and 16 Air Medals.

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