Ask a Gay Couple - Episode 5 [18+]

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Once again, my boyfriend Rich and I answer your questions about what it's like to be in a committed gay relationship and about life in general.

Through this series, I hope to show the YouTube community that normal, non stereotypical gay men do exist and that gay couples really aren't any different than their straight counterparts.

In this episode, I mentioned Bodrochowski. You can view his YouTube channel here:
Also, check out Fatal Farm's "(Alternate) Facts of Life Intro", referenced in my video:

Special thanks to Senpumaru, UV29, americancarguy, PWLKid, AnyZee, edd500, rissenbeck, shadow100200300, abelukerod and all other contributers. If you have any questions for a future video, please submit them in the comments, here.

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