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The S&W Sport AR-15 is the best value AR I've seen yet. It's performance seems to exceed it's 2012 $650 price. This specimen was ran with both the BUIS (included MagPul MBUS rear sight) and an EOTECH XPS2-2 sights. It achieves impressive accuracy even with these zero magnification options: sub-inch groups with Wolf STEEL FMJ ammo, about 1.5 inches with higher quality ammo at 100 yds. The gun seems to be a 1 MOA capable shooter with some loads. Practical accuracy in RunNGun was excellent as well (shown). Part of this equation may be Thompson Center 5R rifling of the 4140 barrel featuring more gradual rifling lands to minimize jacket deformation and fouling. Tenifer-like Melonite transforms the barrel's interior and exterior metal surface through a carburizing process. It is more uniform than chrome lining and could offer similar durability. Reliability in cold conditions was 100% in the direct gas impingement Sport with both steel and brass loads shot. Ergonomics are good to excellent with the outfitting of its 6 pos. collapsible stock, A2 grip, MBUS rear, small diameter non-heat shield lined forearm, and a decent 5.5 lb trigger. Some surprisingly high quality features are found: staking of gas key, M4 feed ramps, bayonet lug, T-mark Pic rail, 7075 T6 FORGED lower, F-marked FSB that is roll pinned, and a mil-spec buffer tube. To save money (and unneeded weight), the S&W Sport lacks a dustcover and forward assist. We did not miss them. Weight is outstanding at just 6.5 lbs, 7 lbs 2 oz as shown. As configured you will a compact and light tactical carbine that integrates readily into many POUs. Value is mind blowing at last years $600 price level but prices are climbing. For the money-strapped this is my top choice for tactical carbine. The S&W M&P15 Sport might be remembered as the gun that challenged the pricing structure of the entire industry. I've seen no others deliver its performance and quality at this price point./////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10
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