Lego Batman and Spiderman - A New Beginning

By: LockDown4000


Uploaded on April 27, 2009 by LockDown4000 Powered by YouTube

This video is so..... meh, compared to my newer videos. Check 'em out! I've improved tons and it won't hurt you will it? Just take a look at my newer (way better) videos and I think you guys'll be pleasantly surprised. :D
Seeya, LockDown4000
Original Description
It's finally here!!! It took all the Easter holidays to make this, SO YOU BETTER LIKE IT. He he, sorry about that. buffalo827 helped me make this. I got distracted too much when he wasn't there for some reason. (Example: ...and I just move this here aaand, ooh look a bunny rabbit!!!) Anyway. enjoy! (Just in case anyone's wondering, yes, I do realize I used a way better Batmobile in the last scene than the 1st scene. But I hadn't actually BOUGHT that better Batmobile by the time I had shot the 1st scene. "Why didn't I redo it?" I hear? Simply because I'm lazy. Enough from me, TIME FOR YOU TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUB!!!

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