TNA Slammiversary 2012 - Sting Vs Bobby Roode

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ting is ready to go but Roode keeps ducking back to the apron and stalling. Finally we get the bell but Roode goes back to the floor. Roode comes back in but scrambles right back to the floor as the crowd boos. They finally go at it and Roode stomps on Sting on the mat. Rode with chops. Sting kicks him in the head and goes for the Scorpion early but Roode scrambles back to the floor. Sting follows him and slams him into the barrier. Sting works Roode over on the floor before they come back in the ring. Sting with right hands and a big hip toss. He goes for the Scorpion again but Roode goes to the floor again. Roode walks towards the ramp but Sting catches up to him. Sting brings the fight back to ringside and slams Roode's head into the steel steps. Roode finally takes control by dropping Sting's neck over the top rope. Roode with chops and more offense on Sting. Roode takes his time and shows off for the crowd. Sting tries to come back but Roode connects with a big boot and a pin attempt. Roode with a sleeper hold now. It's broken and Roode goes to the top. Sting cuts him off and climbs up for a superplex. Sting nails it and goes for the Scorpion. Sting locks it in as Roode tries to make it to the ropes. Read more:
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