White Tigers- The Cruelty Behind the Magic

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White tigers- when those two words come to mind, many people vision a beautiful, sleek, bengal tiger, with blue eyes, and beautiful, white fur. Many also think that this animal needs to be saved from extinction.

Unforunately, these lies are told too frequently, at alarming rates. Even some accredited zoos will claim that white tigers are a species, or they don't tell you all about the suffering these animals endure.

White tigers are severely inbred creatures, that all come from one line of cats. There was at one point, two, but the other has died off. The white gene, which is only found in bengals, is recessive. In order to make it show, the only way to is to INBREED. There is no way around it.

This is not a creature that should be saved, bred, or conserved. They are exploited by circuses, zoos, etc. And most end up with such profound deformities associated with the inevitable inbreedinfg that they are discarded, killed, or sold to some cruel place.

Animals deserve better.

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