Anthony Joseph & the Spasm Band Live in Studio !!

By: antoiner


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'Dream on Corbeau Montain' live in studio de Meudon near Paris France. You will find it on the band's forthcoming album 'Bird Head Son' to be released in fall 2008.


Anthony Joseph : vocals

Andrew John : bass
Colin Webster : saxophone
Adrian Owusu : guitar
Paul Zimmerman : congas / djembe
Paul Brett : irons / snare / cymbals
Craig 'Cigar' Tamlin : small percussions

special guest : Joe Bowie on trombone

Jean Paul Gonnod : sound engineer
Julien : engineer assistant

Antoine Rajon : producer

Filmed and edited by Martin Meissonnier and 'Campagne Première' crew

Afrobeat, Fela, Defunkt, Trinidad, Meters, Poetry, Joe, Bowie, Music & Dance
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