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We raise and sell Earthworms and Earthworm Products: We have Red worms for sale, plus Worm Castings, Compost, European Night Crawlers - Fishing Worms - Worm Bins and kits - and more! We grow composting red worms & nightcrawlers in windrows - outside for spring, summer, and fall harvesting, and in barns for harvesting in the winter. With our mild Northern California climate & our covered growing areas, we have nightcrawlers, & red worms available year round.

The Mission of The Worm Farm is to provide gardeners with a better means of producing healthier plants while affecting the environment in a positive manner. One of the amazing benefits of raising composting worms, you see, is their utility as virtual organic garbage disposals: Red worms actually consume all sorts of kitchen scraps and organic compounds like shredded paper and cloth, manure feed them bits of banana peels, watermelon rinds, blue jean rags, manure (just about anything organic except meat, dairy, and oily substances), and you end up with organic, odorless, castings that will transform fruits, vegetables, and flowers. In some parts of the world, like the Philippines, China, and elsewhere including parts of the U.S., communities are using composting worms to help reduce waste and grow healthier plants and gardens.

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