3 MEN 1 HAMMER - Real Life Kidnapping and Murder

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If you get sick really easy DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. Even if you can stand a little bit dont watch it because it is really nasty and brutal and sad. Only watch if you do not give a crap if you watch someone die and get murdered infront of you. The murderers got caught and got sent to jail. Suprunyuck was charged with 27 of the cases, including 21 counts of capital murder, 8 armed robberies, and 1 count of animal cruelty. Sayenko was charged with 25 instances, including 18 murders, 5 robberies and 1 count of animal cruelty. Hanzha was charged with two counts of armed robbery, stemming from a March 1, 2007 incident in Dniprodzerzhynsk. The prosecution asked for life imprisonment for Sayenko and Suprunyuck, and 15 years of hard labor for Hanzha.
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dnepropetrovsk_maniacs

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