Sinik Feat James Blunt - Je Réalise - (Inedit Version) + English Lyrics

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Published 21 Jan 2012
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I realise (translation of Je réalise by Sinik)

I've realised that the years pass quickly; it's worrying
I'm aware that Kelissa will be seven on the 20th of September
That each day men self-destruct at axe-point
And to escape, the strongest swim oceans

I've seen the difference between beauty and the beast
Here the war is in shape but peace is in danger
In the street you know that men profit from crime
In ten years a kilo of junk will be the price of a kilo of apples

I was late to realise that regrets hold me back
And it hurts when I notice that so few dreams come true
That I'm getting nowhere, that justice is slowing
That France is not so beautiful, my history teacher lied

That in life making peace is not profitable
I've realised that making peace is the nightmare of the arms dealer
I know about racing cars at night in the streets
But having no fear because death is just the result of life

And I'll take everything in this life
I'll join everyone when I die

Oh, these feet carry me far
Oh, my body, oh, so tired.
Mouth is dry, hardly speak
Holy spirit, rise in me
Here, I swear
Forever is just a minute to me

And I'll take everything in this life
I'll join everyone when I die

I knew what wasn't going to come from the place that came the wrongs in our streets
That the cars that caught fire did not fit in your ballot boxes
That every day friends die in prison cells
How some people will stop at nothing to get a hot meal

I've realised that a human being does nothing but bleed
That in life doing wrong is easier than loving each other
That your neighbour is not "the girl next door"
That in the land of human rights families live in hotels

Understanding the weight of words, sometimes life gets you down
Thieves get caught, but rapists get the BAFA
In life I have always felt this discomfort
To the point where I have serious trouble saying "I love you" to those I love

And I'll take everything in this life
I'll join everyone when I die
Oh, and understand
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