Kitani Mohabbat Hai - Full Episode (EP # 27)

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After the party, Arjun and Salil go to drop Purvi and Arohi home. Arjun cancels Arohis leave and tells her to report to office next morning. Arohi gets upset with this but isnt surprised because she knows how unpredictable Arjun can get.

Savita watches Arjun from the window and asks Arohi later about Arjun. Arohi goes non-stop about him and his rude, ruthless behavior. Savita realizes how much Arjun and Arohi hate each other but wonders if they have a future together since very often the start of a new relationship is with hatred. Savita asks Purvi if she is happy with Salil to which Purvi has no answer.

Next day, Savita gives a box full of malpua to Arohi for her and her colleagues in office, which she offers to everyone, including Arjun. Arjun takes the entire box and asks her to get back to work. Just then, a girl comes rushing in office asking for Arjun Punj. Arohi recognizes the girl as the one she had seen in the party and she was desperately trying to get someone to speak to her. Everyone is office is sure that Arjun will throw the girl out since he hates women but they are all in for a big shock when he calls the reception and instructs that no one should disturb him as he is in an important private meeting. Arohi is shocked on hearing this.

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