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Swimming: Butterfly.

Until recently, there have been no studies of the musculoskeletal analysis for swimming because of the difficulty to estimate the fluid force acting on the swimmer's whole body, although such analysis could prove to be valuable information for the athlete swimmer's training and coaching.

Now, a full-body musculoskeletal simulator for swimming has been developed for the AnyBody Modeling System, which enables to calculate fluid force acting on the whole body during swimming. The model presents 4 swimming styles: Crawl, Breststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly.

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1. Crawl:
2. Breaststroke:
3. Backstroke:
4. Butterfly:

The research on swimming has been conducted by a research group at Tokyo Institute of Technology, led by Dr. Nakashima. You can visit the research homepage here:

See Dr. Nakashima's previously held webcast on Development of a Musculoskeletal Simulator for Swimming here:

For more info, visit:
1. AnyBody Technology Website:

2. AnyBody Research Project:

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