Return to Innocence Lisa Musick Presents Your Healthy Vanity

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*******YourHealthyVanity**** Hi, my name is Lisa Musick. Welcome to Your Healthy Vanity -- a resource for p...
*******YourHealthyVanity**** Hi, my name is Lisa Musick. Welcome to Your Healthy Vanity -- a resource for practical and useful health and nutrition information. Did you know, by the year 2010, the very first members of the Baby Boomer generation will start turning 65 years old? The science and education available to this generation encourages many of us to take responsibility for our health and vitality. Today, it is estimated that fully 2/3 of the American public is overweight and 25% of those people are defined as clinically obese. Over 15 million men and women have low bone density due to poor diet and reliance on pharmaceutical drugs like antidepressants. It is estimated that 1 of 3 American adults has high blood pressure or hypertension. Having high blood pressure increases one's chance for developing heart disease, a stroke, and other serious conditions. And most of us know at least 2 or 3 persons that have been affected by cancer. Just three years ago, I lost my mother to heart disease and 9 months later, lost my father to brain cancer. It was quite a wake-up call for me. I never thought they would die like that and each at age 74. Too young. Ok, so, there is good news. Many individuals are starting to be more proactive in their wellness. Your Healthy Vanity means feeling good AND looking good. Forget the botox, the nips and the tucks. Feeling good with the help of food education and supplementation, and being confident that you look good because you truly care about your wellness. Health from the inside out. In recognizing this trend, Your Healthy Vanity has teamed up with ViSalus and some of the best doctors and scientists in the industry to formulate a nutritional line that you cannot find anywhere else. I'd like to introduce you to a Patented Anti-Aging and Energy system that will take your physical and mental wellness to the next level. Since taking the ViPak for 18 months now, I feel rejuvenated, clear-headed and have loads of energy. From weight loss and weight management products, to supplements that increase muscle mass, help with anti-aging, and stimulate superior nutrition, and Neuro, our Smart Energy drink that delivers the good stuff without the caffeine/sugar bolt and crash. You know of those same baby boomers, about 75% will not have enough savings to fund their healthy retirement. We're not our parents' generation. We're destined to live longer and, most likely, work longer. You know what you need to do. Take charge, take charge now. I love what I do and I feel good doing it. Helping others gain greater health, growing residual income for life and driving around in a beautiful FREE BMW. Yes, that's right -- FREE!! Right now until the end of 2008, ViSalus is giving away for those individuals who see the big picture and want to take control of their destiny. If you want to grow "younger" gracefully and have a blast doing it. Call me today at 951/764.5002 or email me at the address on the screen. What are you waiting for? Dale Brown -- one of the winningest coaches in professional basketball says: "Time plays no favorites and will pass whether you act or not." Let's GO! YourHealthyVanity****