Belly Fat Combat Member: Laura Dens Weight Loss Before And After

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Belly Fat Combat: *******www.bellyfatcombat****/articles/go/youtube/ Laura Dens, member progress video. T...
Belly Fat Combat: *******www.bellyfatcombat****/articles/go/youtube/ Laura Dens, member progress video. To learn more about Belly Fat Combat, visit: *******www.bellyfatcombat****/signup.php How Long Should the Journey to Get Rid of Your Belly Fat Last? Have you ever asked yourself how long it would take to turn yourself from a chubby couch potato into a magazine cover model? If you haven't, you probably should... because you might be overestimating how long it takes, or underestimating the necessary time and pushing your weight loss transformation too hard! So, what's the simple answer for the average belly weight loss ordeal? If you start by assuming that you're very out of shape, and want to get in perfect shape, then your belly weight loss journey should only take you about four months. These four months include all parts of your body, but especially that stubborn belly where most people store the majority of their fat. A simple rule of thumb is that you shouldn't try to lose more than a couple pounds per week, on average - losing much more than this will switch your body into that dreaded 'I'm starving!' fat-retaining mode. The best weight loss methods take this into account and create a lifestyle you can be comfortable with, instead of trying to strip you of your fat all at once. So, dieting, exercise, or both? The truth is that all three are viable options for anyone who wants to turn into their own before and after success story. If you're comfortable with aerobics, swimming, or other stamina-based exercises, you may want to put more effort into the exercise half of the equation. On the other hand, being lazy while limiting your food portions is another perfectly healthy way to get trim and fit. And a balanced route is also a good idea for some: if you want to pump up muscles so that your weight loss pics look sculpted, you'll need to emphasize protein sources in your diet. That means that you can keep on eating meat, but you'll really have to feel the burn when you're pumping those weights. If you want a perfect schedule weight lose activities, start your exercise first thing in the morning! This is the best time to turn any routine into a weight loss success, since your body will be ready to lose fat without any warmup. If you schedule your exercise later in the day, you may need to workout for as long as half an hour just to get your body into the right mood for losing tummy fat. And yes, 'first thing' means even before breakfast; don't underestimate how the act of intaking food can slow down your body with a full stomach and lower your metabolism to levels that make it much harder to drop the pounds. If you're ready to turn yourself into a real weight loss before and after model, the fastest methods are with cardio and reduced caloric intake. On the other hand, if you want to look ripped and not just thin, a weight-lifting regimen combined with plenty of red meat can also take off thirty pounds in less than half a year... but be ready to put in the extra few weeks!