TechCrunch Predicts Demise of Many Tradition Media Players

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High Flying TechCrunch's Michael Arrington Predicts the Demise of Many Traditional Media Players

Despite a driving rain storm, Michael Arrington drew quite a crowd to his TechCrunch mixer last night in Manhattan. I caught up with him at the party and got him to wiggle his new Arrington bobble head doll for Beet.TV! Not sure this is the launch of new product line for the power blogger from Atherton? Haha.

On a more sober note, I asked Michael about about future role of traditional media such as The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, here's what he told me:

"You know I think that there are a lot of things wrong with traditional media and they're going to have to sort that out on their own time. I think there wont be many of them left standing once it is sorted out. And you know it's very cheap to run a blog these days and for certain types of journalism it's very effective so I think blogs will continue to do well."

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