BEAT THIS! - Editing Contest Week #1 [ENDED]

By: MadAssGamers


Uploaded on April 10, 2012 by MadAssGamers Powered by YouTube

Week #1 of Our Editing Contest Series 'BEAT THIS!' Since It's Been A While Since Done An Episode We've Decided To Start Fresh, Starting From Week #1 Again. BEAT THIS! Clip Was Edited By: ShurikenArts Original Clip By: RULES: Beat the Featured Clip & Win! -Download Original Clip Here: (Clip Need to Edit) And 'BEAT THIS!' Intro Here: -Cinematics Allowed! -No Copyright Music or Audio. -Submit Entry Via Video Response. -Winners Will Be Announced in ONE Week! (In Week #82's Video) Winner Will Be Featured In Our Sub Box & Next Episode Of BEAT THIS! Entries Will be Judged On: -Transitions/ Effects -Entertainment -Good Choice of Music -Good Sync -Originality/ Creativity GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Website: Twitter:!/MadAssGamers Facebook: Thanks MadAssGamers
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